Garage Rock with a Grudge 

Blood & Stomach Pills is economical rock and roll for hard times. Two members, Sierra and Heron Furtwangler, hold this unit down with primal rhythms supporting their 70’s organ and shining guitar tones with a style that is spread throughout country, gospel, blues, and garage rock with a healthy dose of social conscience that is indispensable to anyone aware of the current entropy of American society.

Blood & Stomach Pills is a psych/cowpunk duo that formed in Brooklyn in 2018. They recorded their first album while living there, but by the time it was released later that year, B&SP had moved upstate to the Hudson Valley. They quickly established themselves as an exciting new band(their first show in the area was opening for Tav Falco), and played live prolifically in their first year, both regionally and on a Midwest minitour.

Since the quarantine, Blood & Stomach Pills has been working hard and has a slew of releases and projects coming, and they are currently working on booking new shows. With a single release and a direct-to-vinyl project coming soon, Blood & Stomach Pills is also proud to announce their second album with be released on 10" vinyl this fall!

Encompassing a broad geography of American music, husband-and-wife duo Heron (drums/guitar/vocals) and Sierra Furtwangler (drums/organ/vocals), employ a palette of gnashing guitars and gospel, punk, and country vocals, underpinned by a bedrock of undertaker organ. "Beat & Twisted," showcases Heron's blues/gospel whoop and holler, while the title track has the duo employing frantic call and response that leaves them literally breathless by track's end. Themes of depression, displacement, and hopelessness dominate lyrically, while the music chugs ahead with a single-minded rock 'n' roll determination. Fans of gritty countrified garage punk a la North Carolina's Flat Duo Jets will surely dig the Pills' approach.” - Jeremy Schwartz



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Exigent Info:

Just Announced!! On July 11 we’ll be headed to Brooklyn to record a handful of one-of-a-kind 7” vinyl singles with @leestavall as part of their Direct-To-Vinyl Live Sessions project. How it works: You choose the song, and my band will perform it LIVE as the record's cut in real time - making you the only owner of that particular performance. This is literally as personalized as it gets folks. Limited pre-sales available now (link above).