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Entropy will surely have its way." A tossed off line from opening track "Sad Song," from Blood & Stomach Pills' debut (released digitally and as a limited-edition flash drive) sets the agenda for the duration of this wonderfully morose and rocking album. Encompassing a broad geography of American music, husband-and-wife duo Heron (drums/guitar/vocals) and Sierra Furtwangler (organ/vocals), employ a palette of gnashing guitars and gospel, punk, and country vocals, underpinned by a bedrock of undertaker organ. "Beat & Twisted," showcases Heron's blues/gospel whoop and holler, while the title track has the duo employing frantic call and response that leaves them literally breathless by track's end. Themes of depression, displacement, and hopelessness dominate lyrically, while the music chugs ahead with a single-minded rock 'n' roll determination. Fans of gritty countrified garage punk a la North Carolina's Flat Duo Jets will surely dig the Pills' approach. ” - Jeremy Schwartz

Chronogram Magazine

On the very local front, my pick for must see show of the month is Blood & Stomach Pills. The unique duo plays BSP on Saturday, Jan. 19 with soul rock trio The Beautiful Bastards and will warm you to the bone even on a cold night. The band style themselves as economical rock and roll for hard times. Two members, Sierra and Heron Furtwangler, make up the outfit, apparently in competition for coolest local rocker names. White Stripes-esque punky rhythm pairs well with 1970s organ and fierce guitar for a barn-burning experience steeped in country, punk, blues and garage. They remind me a bit if New Paltz rockers NCM were more outwardly into feminism and the Great Depression, if that helps.” - Morgan Y. Evans

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