What Rough Beast

Blood & Stomach Pills

Garage Rock with a Grudge

Blood & Stomach Pills is economical rock and roll for hard times. Two members, Sierra and Heron Furtwangler, hold this unit down with primal rhythms supporting their 70’s organ and shining guitar tones with a style that is spread throughout country, gospel, blues, and garage rock with a healthy dose of social conscience that is indispensable to anyone aware of the current entropy of American society.

On the low, flat horizon a storm tumbles in, whipping up the fear and anxiety, the panicked moment of realization that there is nothing you can do to stop what's coming. Sometimes there is no choice but to stand your ground with the sheer determination of the downtrodden and powerless and cast your voice to the winds regardless of whether it's heard or not. Shout the complaints of the universe and sing the decaying song of despair, for all there is now is now and all there will be will never be seen.

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