Tav Falco and the Panther Burns with Blood & Stomach Pills

The Beverly, 224 Foxhall Ave, Kingston, NY

Equal parts primal, early rock’n’roll, deviant hill country blues and avant-garde art - TAV FALCO PANTHER BURNS are ramshackle, raw, unholy and utterly amazing. Tav Falco is one of the truly original and romantic forces in American music - the voice that America lost and found. He is tender and virile, flamboyant, witty and dangerous. Falco brings daggers back to the stage. HE is the one who always holds out a hand to the enemy. Blood & Stomach Pills is economical rock and roll for hard times. Two members, Sierra and Heron Furtwangler, hold this unit down with primal rhythms supporting their 70’s organ and shining guitar tones with a style that is spread throughout country, gospel, blues, and garage rock with a healthy dose of social conscience that is indispensable to anyone aware of the current entropy of American society.