Blood & Stomach Pills is now booking a Midwest tour! Fans and bookers beware! Dates confirmed in Cleveland, Lawrence, KS and Russell, KS so far!

We're excited to be working on a new collection of songs that we're currently preparing for release on vinyl, but our first LP, "What Rough Beast" is still available for download and in limited quantities as a USB card in an attractive hand-made, numbered sleeve.

Check the LIVE! page for upcoming performances!

"Entropy will surely have its way." A tossed off line from opening track "Sad Song," from Blood & Stomach Pills' debut (released digitally and as a limited-edition flash drive) sets the agenda for the duration of this wonderfully morose and rocking album. Encompassing a broad geography of American music, husband-and-wife duo Heron (drums/guitar/vocals) and Sierra Furtwangler (organ/vocals), employ a palette of gnashing guitars and gospel, punk, and country vocals, underpinned by a bedrock of undertaker organ." - Jeremy Schwartz, Chronogram Magazine